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Podcast Studio

Record your own podcast or other social media content.

The podcast studio at Jasmine Mortgage Team office provides realtors and professionals with an exclusive opportunity to create high-quality content, supported by professional recording equipment and technical assistance. It acts as a powerful tool for agents to build their brand and share valuable market insights, establishing themselves as thought leaders in the real estate industry. Moreover, the studio offers a platform for networking and collaboration, enriching the professional experiences of those who utilize it.

Book Your Studio Session Now!

Book any available time in order to make premium content ot help grow your brand and awareness of your services. You can select from 3 different booking options! 

Our Studio Engineer

Welcome to our state-of-the-art podcast studio at the mortgage office, expertly managed by Luka Harris, our talented Studio Engineer and Social Media Manager. With Luka's extensive expertise in audio engineering and digital media, he ensures every podcast session is professionally produced and seamlessly integrated into various social media platforms. Alongside Luka, we have Jeff and Jasmine, seasoned mortgage industry professionals ready to enrich your podcast experience. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge from his background as a real estate agent and mortgage professional, offering unique insights into the property market. Jasmine, a skilled Mortgage Loan Officer, provides in-depth understanding of the mortgage process. Both Jeff and Jasmine are available to join any podcast session, adding valuable perspectives and elevating the discussion for our guests. This collaborative environment in our podcast studio is not just a place to record; it's a hub of expertise and insight, perfect for realtors and professionals seeking to amplify their voice in the industry.

A Full Suite of Services

Our podcast studio offers a full suite of services, including professional setup, high-quality recording, and expert technical assistance, ensuring a seamless recording experience. Our team is committed to guiding agents through each phase of the process, from initial setup to recording completion. For any post-recording needs, we're also ready to recommend experienced editors to enhance your podcast's quality and impact.

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